How to bring hope to a young life

We appeal to you to consider making a donation. The Children's Heart Project of Sri Lanka is among the list of charities approved under Section 31 (9) (a) of the Inland Revenue Act No. 28 of 1979. All donations made to the Project are tax deductible in Sri Lanka.

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Sponsors will be introduced to the child (only if they so wish) who will benefit from the sponsorship, as well as the child's parents. We regret that, as a matter of policy, we cannot allow sponsors to choose beneficiaries; your sponsorship will be awarded to the first child on the waiting list at the time your sponsorship is confirmed.

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Kindly give us your information so that we can formally acknowledge receipt of your donation. The information you provide will not be shared with any third parties. However we would like to publish details of your donation on our website, if you do not have any objection, to encourage others to donate towards this worthy cause.

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Payments can be made by a Direct Transfer or by Cheque.


Call your local Bank and give them the following details:
Name and Address of our Bank:

NDB Bank
103A, Dharmapala Mawatha
Sri Lanka.
Name of our Account and our Address:

The Children's Heart Project of Sri Lanka
No 8, Tickell Road
Colombo 08
Sri Lanka.
Our Bank Account Number:
SWIFT code:


Cheques may be drawn in favour of 'The Children's Heart Project of Sri Lanka' and sent to:
The Children's Heart Project of Sri Lanka
No 8, Tickell Road
Colombo 08
Sri Lanka.