Hearts in Concert
The Revelations Live


Held on February 9-10, 2013

At Bishop's College Auditorium, Colombo


Thank you to all those who supported the Children's Heart Project and "Hearts in Concert"!

Our gratitude goes out to all those of you who attended the concert and especially to our performers, Sanjeev and all members of The Revelations, the Revelations Academy, The Methodist College Choir and OKTAVE, plus their wonderful accompanying artists Neranjan de Silva, Dharshi Edward and Christopher Prins.

A special thanks goes out to our donors, sponsors and many supporters who continue to help us raise awareness and find solutions to children's heart disease in Sri Lanka.

The globally acclaimed choral group in Sri Lanka, "The Revelations", in partnership with Children's Heart Project, presented "Hearts in Concert" held on the 9th and 10th of February 2013 at the Bishop's College Auditorium.

Children's Heart Project (CHP) is a registered non-profit organisation that supports children suffering from congenital heart disease in Sri Lanka. More than 2500 children in the country are born with a congenital heart disease every year. Unless treated in a timely manner, most of them will not reach adolescence.

CHP is currently striving towards developing a human tissue bank that will act as a catalyst for improving children's heart operations. The human tissue bank will service the free cardiac programme for children with congenital heart disease at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. The funds raised by Hearts in Concert will be used to construct this human tissue bank.

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